In the hot seat

Here's the story. Newark Morning Rotarian Jim Streit (a.k.a. your humble Webmaster, was chair of the Downtown Newark Partnership for a number of years.

One of the projects during his tenure was the decorative painting of the railroad overpass bridge near Cleveland Avenue, Library Avenue and the end of the Kirkwood Highway. Fundraising was very successful but a few thousand dollars more was needed.

That is when Streit, who himself earlier had been a roaster at a Dean Martin-style event that toasted former Newark Mayor Hal Godwin and raised funds for the Newark Historical Society, agreed to be the target as a fundraiser for the DNP bridge painting project.

The event was held at Timothy's restaurant before a sold-out crowd in May 2004. The event featured several Rotarian roaster. The insults hurled were not for the faint of heart but did keep everybody in stitches for two hours. Streit good-naturedly accepted the verbal barbs thrown by his friends (and the roasters truly were his friends). And he got the last work throwing his hard-hitting insults of his own.

The event raised about $4,000 for the DNP. And a good time was had by all ... including your humble Webmaster!

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