We work hard. It's time to celebrate!

The Newark Morning Rotary Club hosted its annual picnic, modern day version of Woodstock and food fight on Saturday, July 17, 2002, at Weezewood, the amazingly overdone palatial estate of duPont wannabees Fred and Louise Dawson.

Be patient! Let the photos load!

Enjoy this cyber photo album of the evening's events. All photos are on this one H-U-G-E page so please be patient and give the photos time to load. You will not be disappointed at the work of a semi-drunken photographer and smart Alec caption writer!

As they approached the mortgaged-to-the-hilt Dawson mansion, Rotarians were able to view an unusual lawn ornament donated to the Dawsons by Bob Foard!

Because there was plenty of free beer, it came as no surprise to club members that Bob Foard, left, was the first to arrive and spent much of the early part of the evening trying to get Louise Dawson, right, to give him the key to the liquor closet (which, of course had been secured with so many Rotarians in the house!).

Fiona Tresolini's husband, Kevin, second from left, plays pocket pool while Fiona tries to convince Doug Warren to sell scrapple in his new Bridgeville hardware store. There was no scrapple Saturday night but there was much delicious food. Members brought a favorite dish to share with all. Only a few people got the trots!

Guests settled throughout the Dawson crib to eat their dinners. Here, party-goers look away from or ignore the horrifying picture hanging on the wall.

Here chef Carl Thompson shows just a how rare a chicken breast can be! Thompson originally was supposed to be barbecuing chicken wings but he refused. "There's no meat on 'em and chickens can't fly anyhow!" he exclaimed.

Linda Streit and Domenick Sicilia enjoy a hoot after seeing that Fred still hasn't found the time to take down the Christmas tree in the living room!

Fred Dingle, right, lists to the starboard side after a few too many canisters of liquid refreshment.


Then the party moved downstairs to Club Phred!

As promised (but feared), Fred assembled a band of nere-do-wells and wired them for sound!

Here Fred and the boys offer a retrospective of such great rock-and-roll favorites as "Mrs. Brown You've Got A Lovely Walker" and a stirring version of The Beatles' "I Get By With A Little Help From Depends!"

Fred invited Gill Lewis to entertain. Gill was smokin' at the keyboard of Fred's Hammond B3 organ. His presentation of Louis Armstrong's "Wonderful World" was amazing. Here Gill sweats more than Bob Foard sneaking past Betsy at 7:14 a.m. on a Thursday morning!

Normally reserved and quiet Rotarian Domenick "Soul Man" Sicilia surprised visitors to Club Phred with his soulful vocals. No doubt, Domenick is the hardest working man at the Bob Carpenter Center!

Most think his best musical talent surfaces when he plays his saxophone, but there was no question at the party that Fred Dawson knows how to play his organ, so to speak! His painfully long rendition Saturday night of "Hang 'Em High" and "Good Lovin' " was, rightfully so, a crowd pleaser. Most Rotarians stayed awake throughout his performance.

Even though he arrived late for rehearsal (there's a surprise!), local attorney and all-around good guy Mark Sisk amazed his friends with his guitar expertise. Prior to his performance, Mark had bragged about his skills as a rhythm guitarist. "After all," he exclaimed, "I invented the rhythm method!" Betsy, of course, fined Sisk for public health violations.

After Jack Foreaker performed (the photographer took no pictures for fear of being picked on publicly by Foreaker), the wonderful evening wound down (while everyone else was cleaning up, stacking chairs, emptying trash, washing dishes, etc.) with Mark leading an impromptu acoustic session. Here, Rich Ulbrich and Bob Foard join Mark in a lively rendition of the "Beer Belly Polka."

Thanks to Fred & Louise!
Thanks to all who made
a great evening possible!

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