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Wasting away in Margaritaville, your club's Honorary Lifetime Member retains fond memories of his seven years as a member of Rotary's best club! It was the fifth Rotary club of which he has been a member. But no Rotary experience has equalled the fun, fellowship and service of his time in the Newark Morning Rotary Club. Of the friends that he left behind when he moved to Florida in June 2006, none were more meaningful than those made in Rotary.

Congratulations! On Feb. 18, 2008, the Newark Morning Rotary Club celebrated its ninth anniversary! The club is better than ever -- the weekly bulletins keep Jim posted on your activities, progress and service.

To help celebrate this milestone, Jim Streit has created some web pages with more than 400 photographic memories of the first seven years of the club. Enjoy! Some descriptions may be short on facts -- the former newspaperman is relying on his aging memory. Any corrections to captions are welcome.

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Generally, the photos in the galleries below are in chronological order (to the best of Jim's recollection).


Hear the club's
5th anniversary!

In Dec. 2003, when Dr. Jim Kent was president, the program nearest the fifth anniversary of the club's very first meeting (not chartering) included presentations by the club's Charter Members.

When you listen to this club history and these heartfelt remarks, it becomes clear to any listener how special the Newark Morning Rotary Club is and its special importance to the lives of its members. Robin and Jim tell some of the travails getting the club started in 1998. Our first president Ray Civatte offers his perspective. And Betsy Manglass and many others keep club members laughing (as usual).

The speeches were recorded and you can download MP3s of the talks by clicking (maybe right clicking) below. If you have any problems downloading these audio files, contact your humble Webmaster.

Introduction to tracks 1:01

Program introduction 2:11

Robin Broomall 8:18

Jim Streit 5:55

Ray Civatte 3:50

Donna Friswell 1:09

Phil Hickman 2:04

Doug Warren 2:04

Rich Ulbrich 1:28

Carl Sheran 2:19

Joanne Patterson :41

Betsy Manglass 5:49

Jim Kent 3:27

Bob Foard 3:37

Steve Amick 3:16

Closing :35

Our second annual Installation Dinner (Who can forget Wayne Nelson's lame ringing of the bell?)
Fun was the name of the game at the club's August 2001 picnic.
Late 2001 events including a visit from Santa, Community Day, leaf raking, and a tour of Doug Warren's truss manufacturing plant.
Early 2002 events included a tour of Easter Seals, another Nite O'Games, a big whoop-de-doo at the senior center, and "that" oil painting makes it premiere appearance.
Work day at Camp Fairlee, laughing it up at a board meeting, a photo at the Foard funeral home, a mystery road trip to Casablanca, the 2002 Installation Dinner and more.
SPECIAL: Soon after the club held its annual picnic in July 2002 at the Dawson palace, your humble Webmaster uploaded a light-heared photo album. That night was the birth of Club Phred. Enjoy! (Note: Be patient -- there are many photos on one web page.)
Having fun at the...err...funeral home, and a memorable meeting hosted by our beloved Charlesa Lowell at the "new" Newark Free Library.
All bets are off but all butts are on (the log) at Camp Fairlee, Bob Foard gets "fired" up about his new crematory in Rising Sun, things are picking up on Otts Chapel Road, and another mystery road trip, this time to .....
Another Rotary year, another installation dinner including a tribute to deceased club member Greg Wright. Plus Community Day photos, barbershop shop singers for the holidays, clothes shoppers for needy students at McVey, and a photo from a board meeting.
A baseball star visits, so does a wild bird! Also, the club receives awards, hosts a party at the senior center, attends the Leadership Institute, kicks off "2004 Report" sales and Eric Cannon grabs a young girl. Sounds interesting, ehh?
Your humble Webmaster gets miserably roasted by several of his Rotary "friends." The May 2004 event raised $4,000 for the Downtown Newark Partnership. It's not an official club event but you'll see many familiar faces here.
In a historic club and Rotary moment, 22 club members received Paul Harris Fellowships at one time. The presentations were part of the club's annual Installation Dinner in July 2004.
Stop the work, let's have some fun at the 2004 annual picnic. Also photos from the Phillies game, bowlathon, road clean-up, bell ringing and leaf raking.
All the photographic memories from 2005 in one album! Includes: our emotional tribute to our departed friend Charlesa Lowell, a visit from a rock-and-roll legend, photos from the July 2005 annual Installation Dinner, highway clean-ups, a visit to Café Gelato, and more!
By early 2006, your humble Webmaster knew that he was about to announce his departure to points south. So these are his final photographic memories of his cherished time in the Newark Morning Rotary Club. He resigned his membership June 15, 2006. Enjoy!
Former members we have loved. Some of the Rotarians who came and went from 1998 to 2006.

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